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Information Technology Services

Atempo LiveBackup Recovery Assistant

How to recover a file

  • Launch the LiveBackup Recovery Assistant
    • Click on the Livebackup icon located in the lower right taskbar.
      (Blue dot with a ‘L’)
  • Find the file you want to recover
    • The Recovery Assistant will provide a guide of steps to help you locate the file you need to recover.  Protected files can be located by its location, file type or last time saved.
    • Location: This will be either your desktop or documents folder (My Documents)
    • File Type: Examples: .DOCX for Word file, .XLS for Excel files,etc.
    • Last Time Saved: You can select to see files saved 10 to 59 minutes.
  • Select the version of the file to recover
    • Depending on how often you saved your file you may have different version of the file available for recovery.  If you are not sure which version you want to recover, select a version and click the Preview button to check the file content before choosing to recover the file.
  • Recover the file
    • Once you have determined the version of the file you want, click RECOVER then SAVE to recover file with the original filename and location.  If you do not want to save the file to a new location or change the file name, click SAVE AS to change the location
If you have questions or problems, please contact the HelpDesk at 344.2518 or email