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Creating a Google Email Signature with an Image

1. Select the settings wheel in the top right corner of the Google Mail browser window.

2. Select “Labs” from the drop down menu.

3. Find the “Canned Response” and the “Inserting Images
   labs in the list and change both to enable.


4. Click the “Save Changes” icon at the bottom of the page.

5. Select “Compose Mail” on the left hand side of the page. Make sure you have no signature showing up in this new email.Select inside the email body and press the “Enter” key 15 times.

6. Then type the closing statement of your choice, such as "Thanks,” or "Best regards,".

7. Press the “Enter” key one more time and select the “Insert a Picture” icon.

8 .Browse and select the image you wish to use as your personalized signature. Then Select “Upload”. 

9. You can have a combination of text and images in this signature area.
    After confirming your overall design select “Canned Responses" then “New Canned Response” in the dropdown window.

10. Create a name for your new canned response then select “OK”.

11. To add this signature to an email, select “Compose Mail”.

      Then select “Canned Responses”. From this drop down menu.
       Find the canned response under “Insert” that you created in the previous step.
      Then finish composing your email message!