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Tech Fee Proposals 2011-2012

Tech Fee Proposal Awarded
Tech Fee Proposal Priorities

Tech Fee Proposals


Priority Proposals (PDFs) Name

 Update ADOBE CS 4 to ADOBE CS 5.5 Design Premium Software Suite in the AMT Graphic Design/Digital Design Lab

 Tom Cato
    1  Smart Room Equipment Setup-FA 134  Tom Cato
    1  Smart Room Equipment Setup-FA 132  Tom Cato
    3  Add ScanFont+TypeTool Bundle in the AMT Graphic Design/Digital Design Lab  Tom Cato

 Smart Room Equipment Setup-FA 131

 Tom Cato
    3  Technology Tools for the Reflective Recording, Teaching,and Learning: Engaging in Research and Practice  Annette Wilson
    3  Laptops for Strategy Simulation Software  Joey Crosby
    2  Acquisition of a Mass Spectrometer Compound Library Database  Brent Feske
    1  Armstrong Smart Class Standard 2011  Greg Wimer
    2  Instructor Computers for Classrooms of Computer Related Courses  Hong Zhang
    3  Computers on Wheels  Doug Masini & Hassan Aziz
    3  Networked Printer for Student Computer Lab  Dave Lake
    1  Equipped AV Carts for Labs/Classroom

 Dave Lake

    1  Smarter Rooms for Hawes Hall Lecture Room H113

 June Hopkins

    3  Microfilm Scanner  Doug Frazier
    2  Ebrary Electronic Books Academic Package Subscription  Doug Frazier
    2  Omnifile Full Text Mega Subscription  Doug Frazier
    1  Technology Request for Smart Rooms in University Hall  Zaphon Wilson
    1  SMART Classrooms=SMART Teacher Candidates  Wendy Marshall
    2  "SMART CARTS": - Technology Tools for Teachers  Wendy Marshall
    3  Diode Array UV-Vis for Enhancing the Chemistry Curriculum Improving Student Success  Will Lynch
    3  Acquisition of GC-FID for Implementation Throughout the Chemistry Curriculum - Support of Academic Success  Will Lynch
    3  FT-IR for Everyone - Improving Student Access to Technology in Chemistry  Will Lynch
    2  Site Access for ChemBio Office Ultra to Enhance Student Learning at AASU  Will Lynch
    3  Acquisition of 300 MHz NMR for Curriculum Enhancement  Will Lynch
    2  Color Laser Printer for Solms 204  Christy Mroczek