Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.

Information Technology Services

VoIP Directory

The Directory on the phone system includes all the phone numbers for each institution. Armstrong Atlantic State University telephone numbers will begin with 4. When searching in the directory please be sure that you are selecting the Armstrong phone numbers.
  • Press either the arrow to the right or the left for access to the Directory.
  • Make sure the Directory is highlighted; scroll up or down to get to the directory.
  • Press Select on the far left hand side.
  • Begin entering letters from the person's last name that you are searching for with the number pad (Since there are 3 letters/number, use only one number for each letter in the person's name), for example, RAMOS= 72667. Be mindful to only enter the amount of numbers that get you the extension for that person.
  • You may need to enter all last name letters, before you can get to the person you are searching for.
  • If you enter in the entire last name letters but still do not see the person you are searching for, press the down arrow and go to Next.
  • Press Select and it will take you to the next person's name.
  • Once you get to the person you are searching for, you may choose to call that person from here.
  • If so, use the down arrow to Make Call.
Click here for video clip of a directory search on the telephone.