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Information Technology Services

Active Directory FAQ

What is Active Directory?

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft Windows domain networks. It provides a central location for network, security, systems, and user administration and management.

What benefits will I see because of Active Directory?

Improved experiences at the computer, no more double logins for labs and classrooms, closer to single sign on, and account self-service.

When will the project begin and when will it be completed?

The project kickoff occurred in March 2013 and is implementation is expected to be completed Fall 2013.

When will I need to start using my Active Directory Account?

Computers in Lane Library, Solms Hall 104, University Hall 112, Science Center 129, and Learning Commons must be accessed using your Active Directory credentials.  Classroom and other lab computers will also be updated this summer and fall.

Currently the following locations must use Active Directory username and password to access computers:

Armstrong Center 112 Solms Hall 105
Armstrong Center 113 Solms Hall 204
Ashmore Hall 228 Solms Hall 207
Hawes Hall 113 University Hall 110
Lane Library University Hall 112
Lane Library 130 University Hall 128
Learning Commons  

Technology Classrooms have been migration to Active Directory.

Faculty and Staff office computers are beginning to be converted to AD during Summer 2013. As we begin moving resources into the Active Directory environment, your AD Account will be required to access the Armstrong resources.  Most importantly you will need your AD Account to access your workstation as we begin moving them into the Active Directory environment.  We will contact departments prior to migrating the workstations in their area. Once again, if you do not activate your AD Account and we migrate your department, you will not have access to your computer.

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How is the going to impact me, the user?

Everyone will receive an AD account which will replace their current Novell account. In addition, campus computers will be modified to access AD instead of Novell. As the project moves forward, IT Services will be providing information and coordinating visits with each department to schedule configuration changes for the computers and to assist with the new AD accounts.

Why do we need Active Directory?

The core infrastructure at Armstrong is more than 10 years old and is no longer supported in industry.

Will I need a separate account to login on the computers in labs, library and classrooms?

Faculty and staff will no longer need a lab account to access computers in Lane Library, Solms Hall 104, University Hall 112, Science Center 129, and Learning Commons.  You will be able to use your  Active Directory credentials in those locations once they have been updated.  Classroom and other lab computers will be updated this summer and fall. A sign will be posted once it has been converted.