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Resumé Help

This page is specifically designed for new or underclass students seeking to work on campus at Armstrong. If you have questions about the process of finding a job on campus, please visit the Student Employment Center site. If you are an upperclassman seeking an internship or permanent employment, please visit our Resumé and Cover Letter page for appropriate examples.

Many of the on campus jobs at Armstrong require that a resume be submitted with your online application. We understand that you may not have created a resumé before, or may not have any previous work experience. We have put together the below PowerPoint guide and templates to help you create your first resume. If you would like for Career Services to review your resume prior to submitting it to an on campus job, please put together a solid draft using the templates and have checked it against the Final Examples, and then call our office at 912.344.2563 to schedule an appointment to have your resumé reviewed.

Resumé Templates

When creating your first resumé, please DO NOT use a Microsoft Office or online template. Instead, use the Templates and PowerPoint we’ve developed below to help make your first draft. Each template has notes for you to follow about how to insert your information, and the PowerPoint will guide you through creating each section on your resumé. Please note that every student is different, so each person’s resumé will contain different information. Some students may have been involved in volunteer work and extra-curriculars, while other students may have been working a part-time job throughout high school. The Templates and Final Examples below all vary slightly and are designed to show you how to showcase the qualifications you possess.

Resumé PowerPoint: Click through the PowerPoint to understand how to create a resumé that best reflects your employment qualifications. Then, use the Resumé Templates to begin creating your resumé draft.

Resumé Template 1 
This template is designed for students with little to no work experience. If you’ve never held a paying job before, you can put volunteer work under the “Experience” section.

Resumé Template 2 
This template fits more onto 1 page and is ideal to use if you have previous work experience, or were very involved in volunteer work or extra-curricular activities in high school.

Resumé Final Examples

Once you have used the above templates to draft a resumé, click on the Final Examples below to make sure your resumé looks similar. Please make sure that you have deleted the side notes and foot note from the template. After you confirm that you have a quality resume, you are ready to apply for jobs, by visiting the Student Employment Center.

Resumé Final Example 1

Resumé Final Example 2

Cover Letter Template

You may also be asked to submit a Cover Letter when applying to on campus positions.  A cover letter is a formal business letter that typically accompanies your resume when you apply to a job. It introduces you and your related skills and experience to the employer. Please use our sample cover letter below to create your own. Note that the first page should be used as a template, and the second page of the document gives you an example of a cover letter that has been written for an on campus position. Use both the template and example to create your own.

Cover Letter Template