Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.


Armstrong Career Services assists the Engineering Studies program in the operation of the Cooperative Education Program. Co-ops provide a student with an opportunity to work while attending school and gain valuable "real world" experience. A Co-op is a paid position in which a student alternates three full-time work semesters with full-time school semesters. Having a Co-op experience often places a student in a stronger competitive position when applying for employment after graduation.

To apply, a student must:
  • Be an engineering major at Armstrong, in either the Alliance, GTREP, or RETP programs
  • Have completed at least one semester at Armstrong
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA (note: many employers require higher)
  • Have completed at least an introductory course in their major
  • Have met with an advisor to review coursework timeframes to ensure there is no conflict with work/school rotations
  • Complete an application for Co-ops with the Director of Career Services
  • Once approved, register for Co-ops 1000 each work rotation semester
If you are interested in learning more about Co-ops, please make an appointment to see Career Services or your engineering faculty advisor.