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Procedures For Purchasing From Home Depot

Feb 21, 2013, 08:04 pm - Becky Smith


IN STORE PURCHASING:  Check out procedures

Home Depot, at 11180 Abercorn Street in Savannah, has set up the following procedures for Armstrong employees making purchases on behalf of the University.  Please note the following procedures:

After selecting your item(s) to purchase, take the merchandise to the Pro-Contractors Desk.  Let the store employee know that you are charging the item(s) to the Armstrong account.  The account information is now on file.  At some point during the check out process, you will be asked to provide your Armstrong pirate card as Armstrong identification.

You may also check out at the customer service desk if no one is available at the Pro-Desk to assist you.  Please follow the same procedures as noted above.

Employees should take the receipt that Home Depot provides at the end of the transaction - sign it and write on the receipt the budget string that notes where to charge the purchase.  Receipts should be sent to the Business Office:  Accounts Payable.  Home Depot will send monthly invoices to our Accounts Payable Department for payment.  Our AP department will match the invoices with the receipts that have been sent to the AP office and make the payment charging the budget string recorded on the receipt. 

You may also use your State Pcard to make the payment as well. If you choose this option, follow the same procedure for taking your items to the Pro Contractors Desk.  Tell the store employee that you are charging the purchase to your State Pcard and they will be able to process your transaction there, including honoring the sales tax exemption status.