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Notice of Construction Work Hawes Hall and Solms Hall

Nov 22, 2013, 12:06 pm - Becky Smith

Notice of Construction Work:  Hawes Hall and Solms Hall

Pioneer Construction Company and their painting subcontractor, Miller Painting will be painting and caulking interior window casings in both Solms Hall and Hawes Hall beginning this weekend and continuing over the next several weekends.

In each building the interior wood trim and casings at the exterior windows will be repaired as needed, scraped/sanded, repainted and re-caulked. This will include each exterior window in all classrooms, faculty offices, departmental suites, stairs and restrooms. As part of this project the contractor has also completed repairs and resealing of the windows on the buildings’ exterior to alleviate leaks.

The Contractor will typically be working in the buildings over the weekend as follows:

Solms Hall on Saturday 11/23 through Sunday 11/24

Hawes Hall on Wednesday 11/27 through Sunday 12/1 (over Thanksgiving break)

Solms Hall, Suite 201 on Saturday 12/8 through Sunday 12/9 (tentative date; following upcoming departmental moves)

Disruption should be minimal as the work will typically occur during periods when the buildings are not in use. In advance of the work, you may wish to remove any items from office desks or cabinetry occurring in front of windows that could interfere with access to window areas during the scheduled work period. You should also plan to secure or remove any valuable or breakable items in the immediate work area in advance of the scheduled work. The paint material utilized will have a low VOC content, alleviating any fume concerns.

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated during this work. For further information or if you should have any concerns related to the project, your campus contacts are:
      Mel Manor, Construction Project Manager, 912-344-2989
     David Faircloth, Director of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction, 912-344-2685

As always, in the event of an after-hours emergency or a security concern, please call the Armstrong University Police Department at 912-344-3333. Please let them know the nature of the emergency and they will notify the on-call Plant Operations personnel for a facility related issue.

Thank you.