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New Vehicle Rental Reservation Procedure

Feb 14, 2012, 12:46 pm - Becky Smith

New Vehicle Rental Reservation Procedure

Effective 2/15/12 the current Vehicle Rental & Scheduling webpage on the Plant Operations website will only be used for requesting reservations for one of the vehicles in the Armstrong motor pool.  It will no longer be used for vehicles rented via the state contract with Enterprise or National Car rental. 

Individuals can now make their own vehicle rental reservations directly through Enterprise or National.  Enterprise is the required vendor for renting vehicles in the state of Georgia.  Vehicles rented outside of state can be done through National at significant discounts. 
Please go to the Business & Finance web page click  “Policies & Procedures”  page, then on right side under “New Procedures” the full procedure for rental reservations can be reveiwed:  Vehicle Rental Reservation Procedure