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iStrategy Reports Updated To Use 2014 As The Default Budget Reference

Jul 22, 2013, 01:49 pm - Becky Smith

The iStrategy Standard Report Catalog Budget to Actual reports have been updated to use the 2014 budget reference as the default budget reference.  The 2013 budget reference is still available for all reports.  To modify a report to use budget reference 2013, please use the Budget Reference slicer/filter at the top of the report. 

The iStrategy Vendor Spend report has also been updated to run for Fiscal Year 2014 as the default.  To modify the report to use fiscal year 2013, please use the Fiscal Year slicer/filter at the top of the report. 


This update does not include any changes to Individual User’s “My Views”.  To update your “My Views” to include the 2014 Budget Reference or 2014 Fiscal Year please reference the iStrategy Guide_Updating MY VIEWS.pdf using the link below.