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FY 2012 Budget Documents on Reserve in the Library

Aug 9, 2011, 09:54 am - David Carson

The documents for the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget have been put on reserve in the Library.  The documents include the following:
·         Schedule C:        Statement of Revenue
·         Schedule C-1:    Detail of Available Funds
·         Schedule D:        Summary of Budget Functions
·         Schedule D-1:    Summary of Budget Functions by Fund Source
·         Schedule E:         Statement of Personal Services
·         Schedule E-1:     Detail of Institutional Fringe Benefits
·         Schedule F:         Schedule of Non-Personal Services
·         Schedule G:        Departmental Budget
·         Schedule G-1:    Detail of Personal Services
·         Schedule K:        Schedule of Salaries $100,000 and over
·         Schedule J:         Schedule of Employee Salary Ranges
·         Schedule L:         Total Raises for Filled Positions Only
·         BORBUDR1:        Revenue Expense Comparison by Fund

Should you have any question please let me know.
Thank you,
David Carson