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Enterprise Vehicle Rental Clarification

Dec 7, 2012, 08:29 pm - Becky Smith

The following is provided for clarification on one of the recent changes in the State of GA/Armstrong travel policy: 
Re:  Enterprise Vehicle Rental

The daily vehicle rental rate is based on a 24-hour period. For example, if an employee picks up a rental on Tuesday at 11:00 am and returns that vehicle before Wednesday at 11:00 am that is considered a one-day rental. The statewide contract does not address the issue of Enterprise Rent-A-Car being closed when a vehicle may need to be picked up or returned.  However, the local Enterprise office has indicated that they will be willing to work with the individual to charge the University a discounted rate for those days when the car is not needed.  The leaving or returning time may necessitate an early pickup or late drop off. For these particular situations, to ensure the discounted rate is applied, extra steps will need to be taken by the employee to inform the Enterprise company in advance of these special circumstances.


·An employee leaving for a trip on Monday at 6:00 am would need to pick up the vehicle on Saturday between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm due to the fact that Enterprise does not open until 8:00 am daily; therefore, picking the vehicle up on the departure day is not an option. In order to receive a discount for the first day of rental the following steps would need to be followed:

The employee would go to this link:

( on the Business and Finance website and follow the instructions to place the rental order. Once the rental has been placed and the employee has been given a rental agreement number, the employee should call the local office at 912-920-1093. The employee should tell the representative they have booked a rental through the GA statewide contract and provide the rental agreement number.  The employee should then explain that they must leave early Monday morning but need to pick up the car on Saturday as Enterprise will not be open the following Monday morning before their departure time.  The employee should request the discounted rate for the first day.  The representative will ask the employee certain information to make the needed arrangements. 


*Please be reminded that Enterprise is applying a discounted rate, but for insurance purposes charges will be applied for the extra time the employee has the vehicle.

Enterprise has a drop box for returns if an employee is returning a vehicle after the Enterprise office has closed. Arrangements must be made in advance to make the company aware of the schedule.

For the above scenario, if the employee were returning on Wednesday at 7:30 pm, the employee would give that information to Enterprise and explain that the keys will be placed in the drop box that evening.


* These special arrangements must be made prior to picking up the vehicle.  They cannot be made when the vehicle is picked up.  Arrangements must be in place prior to the date of pickup.

Enterprise also offers a prepaid gas program.  This program provides the renter the option of not re-fueling the vehicle before returning it. 


·An employee rents a vehicle with three-fourths of a tank of gas and returns it with a half a tank of gas.  With the prepaid gas program, the employee will be charged for a quarter of a tank of gas at a weekly rate which is comparable to a local gas station rate.  This rate does fluctuate and the employee should see the rate posted at the counter when renting the vehicle.  If the rate is not posted the employee should inquire as to what is the current rate.  The employee should note to the Enterprise representative when reserving the vehicle that they plan to take advantage of this program.


If you have any questions about any of these procedures or encounter any problems in reserving vehicles, please feel free to call the Procurement Office for assistance at 912–344-2647.  Thank you.