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Bearings: News and Perspectives for Academic Affairs

Bearings: News & Perspectives for Academic Affairs

The most wonderful time of the year

Dec 10, 2012, 12:48 am - Carey Adams

I don't get many drop in visits from students.  As far as students are concerned, the Provost's Office probably is something like an uber-principal's office, so this past week was notable for the calvacades of students that did file past me.  Not in my office, mind you, but at events like the Nursing Department's pinning ceremony, commencement ceremonies, and the late night breakfast.  (Maybe I should try serving eggs and bacon out of my office.)

Stephen King wrote a novel, The Dead Zone, in which the main character can see a flash of individuals' futures.  As I shook hands with our 600+ graduates this past Saturday, I would have loved to have had the psychic power to glimpse something of their pasts.  Who was the single mother? Whose parents tapped into their retirement funds to help him stay in school full-time?  Who came back to school after her spouse lost his job so she could increase her earning potential?  Who had been planning to attend Armstrong ever since she saw her older sister walk across the same stage 10 years ago?  Who maintained a 4.0 and who was sweating that last final, knowing he needed a passing grade to earn his last three credits?

i imagine that if I had those psychic visions I would have found myself saying, "Wow" and "That's pretty amazing," over and over

Have a great week and, if I don't see you before then, a wonderful holiday season.