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Bearings: News and Perspectives for Academic Affairs

Bearings: News & Perspectives for Academic Affairs

My Armstrong Experience—Week Seven

Oct 10, 2012, 03:26 pm - Carey Adams

This morning I fielded an interview from an education reporter at the Wall Street Journal.  She is writing an article on changes made to the HOPE scholarship program and their impact on access to education and college completion.    When she had finished asking her questions, she said that after doing a little research on Armstrong she had become interested in us.  Like many people, she was previously unfamiliar with the university but was impressed by what she had learned.  She mentioned specifically having read about our Hispanic and Latino outreach efforts.  Coincidentally, the media relations trainer who came to campus a few weeks ago to prepare members of the President's Cabinet for situations just like this one confessed that, although she lives in Atlanta, she didn't really know much about Armstrong.  She left campus with an armload of brochures, saying that Armstrong looked like just the place her daughter should be considering.  Every instance of positive publicity creates new opportunities to introduce people to Armstrong's many points of excellence.

Have a great week!