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Bearings: News and Perspectives for Academic Affairs

Bearings: News & Perspectives for Academic Affairs

My Armstrong Experience—Week Four

Oct 10, 2012, 03:16 pm - Carey Adams

Last week's schedule included something out of the ordinary: The members of President's Cabinet spent a half day in media relations training and each of us spent 30 minutes on camera participating in mock interviews with the trainer.  Although we talked a little bit about crisis communication, our emphasis was on taking full advantage of opportunities to put our positive messages out through the media.  We talked about key messages we would want to communicate about Armstrong and how we might prepare for specific kinds of interview situations.

You may never be interviewed on the evening news or quoted in the morning paper, although the odds probably aren't as long as might think.  But whether by a journalist, a prospective student, or a neighbor, we all are given opportunities to speak for Armstrong.  Have you given much thought to what you would like others to know about our university?  The institution has crafted a set of marketing messages aimed at answering the question, Why Armstrong?  It's informative, and even longtime Armstrong employees may learn something they didn't know about the university there.  But perhaps even more important are your own answers to the question, Why Armstrong?

I have been asked exactly that question countless times since my first interview here, but in a completely different context.  Rather than asking for reasons that they should choose Armstrong, these questioners all want to know why chose Armstrong.  In the end, however, perhaps the answers are not all that different.  I would tell a prospective student they should choose Armstrong because they will find a challenging academic environment, faculty and staff who care about them as individuals, unique and transformative learning experiences, and an institution that is looking forward to the changing needs of our students.  And, hey! That's why I chose Armstrong, too.

Have a great week,