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Financial Aid in English

Three types of financial aid

  • Federal Aid: Pell Grant, FSEOG, Loans, Work Study
  • State Aid: HOPE, LEAP, ICAPP, Service Cancelable Loans
  • Scholarships: Private Funds College, Requirements, Eligibility varies

Federal or State Aid

  • The amount of aid you could receive is determined by a formula that the U.S. Department of Education utilizes. The evaluation of the amount of aid is based on the information you provide when filling the (FAFSA). Federal School Code is 001546. Remember: You can only receive federal or state aid if you are a citizen, lawful permanent resident or if you receive political asylum.


  • Anyone who meets the requirements of a particular scholarship could receive the funds.
  • You must carefully read the eligibility conditions and requirements specified by such scholarship.
  • You must submit all requested documents and, most important, you must submit your application package on time.

Be aware of scholarships scams!!!

You do not have to pay any fee in order to receive a scholarship because most of the funds come from nonprofit organizations. For more information on scholarship scams visit our financial aid website.