The new Armstrong license plate has the word Armstrong sideways on the left with along the bottom. The limited edition plates will have sequentially-numbered tag numbers like ARM001.

Armstrong License Plates Available

Show your Armstrong pride and colors with the Armstrong-branded Georgia license plate. With each plate you purchase (and each time you renew), Armstrong receives $10 for scholarship funds for enrolled undergraduate students. Plus, you turn your car into a rolling billboard for the school you love so much. You could be convincing someone to choose Armstrong, just by driving your car.

How does it work?
Please contact your local county tag office to request the Armstrong license plate. The Plate Category Code is AQ. You can print out a copy of the plate sample to take with you:

What does it cost?
Initial cost = $80 plus applicable ad valorem tax
                    Manufacturing Fee: $25 (one time fee)
                    Annual Tag Registration Fee: $20
                    Annual Specialty Plate Fee: $35
                    Ad Valorem Tax: if applicable

Renewal Cost = $55 plus applicable ad valorem tax

Can I get one that says ARM on it?
Limited edition "ARM" plates are still available! Get yours today!

Can I get a vanity plate with letters/numbers of my choosing?
The plates are pre-made, so you will not be able to get a plate that says PIR8S on it.


Visit the Georgia Department of Revenue site for more information.

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