Armstrong Atlantic State University

Armstrong Alumni Association



The Alumni Association Board of Directors established the Alumni Awards in 1988. The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have provided leadership or attained recognition on a national or regional level within their profession or business; or who have provided extraordinary service to their community. The Outstanding Alumni Service Award recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions to both the growth and development of the university through dedication and support of the institution and the Alumni Association.

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

  • Dr. Francis P. Rossiter, Jr.
  • Dennis A. Pruitt
  • Phyllis R. Kravitch
  • Frank M. Cheatham
  • Arthur M. Gignilliat, Jr.
  • Irving Victor
  • John P. Rousakis
  • Frank A Barragan, Jr.
  • George J. Nichols
  • Robert I. Strozier,
  • Sidney T. Nutting
  • John N. McLaughlin
  • Harriet Kanter Konter
  • Alvie L. Smith
  • Don L. Waters,
  • W. Ray Persons
  • Ray Gaster
  • Herbert S. Traub
  • Carol Mitchell Russell
  • Otis Johnson
  • Thomas R. Taggart
  • Mark Steadman
  • Ronald Ginsberg
  • Stephen R. Smith
  • John N. “Toby” Browne
  • Erwin “Ernie” Friedman

Outstanding Alumni Service Award Recipients

  • Aurthur M Gignilliat, Jr.
  • Craig F. Harney
  • Karl Grotheer
  • Terri D. Liles
  • Louis Reisman, Sr.
  • David H. Dickey
  • Fran George Arnsdorff
  • Millicent Melaver
  • Norton M. Melaver
  • Joan Epstein Schwartz
  • Grace Williams Burke
  • Eleanor W. Boyd
  • G. Herbert Griffin
  • Irving Victor
  • Kenneth Sellers
  • Daniel D. Reynolds
  • Young Allen Beall
  • Emma Thomson Simon
  • J. Cliff McCurry
  • Patricia B. Parker
  • Harriett Kanter Konter
  • Billy Ray
  • Renee Connolly