Alumni Association selects new Directors, Officers

The Armstrong Alumni Association held its Annual Meeting on May 3, 2013. The agenda included the approval of new bylaws and new Board Directors, the election of new officers, an overview of the university's new marketing direction, and a presentation on the new Alumni Engagement Plan.

The officers selected for the 2013-2014 board year are Andrea Mason Turner '93 as President, Patty Parker '92 '95 as President-Elect, Zerik Samples '11 at Vice President/Parliamentarian and Aaron Eubank '09 as Secretary/Historian.

The new Board Directors are Somi Benson-Jaja '09, Alissa Boyd '03, Edward Cawley '76, Jose da Cruz '12, Charita Hardy '08 '10, Barbara Hubbard '82, Sandy Jones '98, Amanda Lewis '06, C. Scott Scheidt '03, Roger Smith '90 and H. Mark Worsham '77. Jones and Worsham are both Past Presidents of the Alumni Association who are returning to full service.

The Association also paid tribute to the directors who are leaving Board service. These include Florence Cawley '69 '74, Catherine Compton '02, Julie Diebolt '03, Thomas Dorman '68, Whitney Eubank '12, Kaitlen Fulp Boaen '08 '11, Tamala Fulton '04, Don Gruver '70, William F. Harkins '68, Jamie Herbster '84 '96, Anna Walker '09 and Desmond Wells '11.