Academic Advisement

Important Dates

Policy for Issuance of Grades for Dropped Course:

  • A student who drops a course within the add/drop period will not receive a grade in the course, and the course does not appear on the academic transcript.
  • A student, who withdraws from a course after add/drop period, but on or before the dates listed for mid-term, will receive a "W" or a "WF" grade depending on the student's status in the course.
  • A student may not withdraw from a course without academic penalty following mid-term.


Important Dates for Spring 2014

First Day of Class

Full Term January 7
Session 1 January 13
Session 2 March 5


Full Term March 5
Flex 1 February 5
Flex 2 April 9

Last Day of Class

Full Term May 5
Session 1 March 3
Session 2 May 5


Spring Break March 17-23