Academic Advisement

Current Students

If you have entered college without a specific major in mind, you can remain undeclared until you make that decision. No need to worry: many Armstrong students enroll as undeclared while they explore the majors Armstrong has to offer.

While you are exploring your academic interests, the Advisement Office will serve as your home base. Not only will you visit the advisement office during advisement and registration periods, but you also can visit at any time when you need to talk about a class or a professor, to get help in deciding whether to drop a class or stick it out, to receive academic and time-management coaching, or to find the answer to some question about how the Armstrong campus works.

In addition, the Advisement Office is a good place to come when you need help deciding on a major or a career path. The advisors and counselor in the Advisement Office are experienced map makers, ready to help you find your way. Sitting down with an advisor or counselor—face to face—will likely help you come to terms with your skills and interests. Sitting down with an advisor or counselor—one on one—may help you learn about options and campus resources you never knew existed. Sitting down with an advisor or counselor—person to person—may well be the next step toward reaching your academic goals.

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