Academic Advisement

The Advisement and Course Selection Process

What Is Advisement?
Each Armstrong student will have an academic advisor, a faculty or staff member who assists in several areas: choosing a major, exploring career options, and selecting courses for the following semester. The advisor gives advice: students must take responsibility for their own choices, for selection of their academic program, and for meeting university deadlines.

When Do Students Go for Advisement?
New Armstrong students will meet with an advisor during Navigate Armstrong, our new student orientation program. Continuing students may contact their advisors at any time, but they must meet at least once each semester to discuss course selection for the following semester.

Appointments are usually required during these busy times, so students should schedule them early.

Where Do Students Find Their Advisors?
Students will seek advisement in one of several places, depending upon their circumstances.

1. Academic Orientation & Advisement Office—212 Solms Hall
Several categories of students come here for advisement:

  • Dual Enrollment Students—high school juniors and seniors who are jointly enrolled in high school and ASU
  • Undeclared Majors—students who are undecided about their major— come to this office until they are ready to declare their major.

2. The Department of the Chosen Major

  • Students who have chosen a major will go the academic department offering that major. Advisement procedures vary from department to department, so students should visit their departments early to ask about advisor assignments and advisement schedules: no later than the end of March to plan for summer and fall courses and by the end of October to plan spring semester courses. For a listing of departmental advisement contacts, visit our Where to Go for Academic Advisement page or view and print an Adobe PDF version of the departmental advisement contacts

3. Adult Academic Services/Academic Assistance—Solms 212

  • Students who have been out of high school for more than five years and who are fulfilling pre-college course requirements in English, reading, and/or math must be advised here.

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