How It Works


Automatic Debit

All PirateCard accounts work as prepaid debit accounts. Each purchase is automatically deducted from the current available balance. For example, when purchasing from The Galley, the system first looks at the meal plan account. If there are no available funds, the system will then deduct your purchase from your Dining Dollars account, and then from your Pirate Cash once Dining Dollars are depleted.

Rollover Accounts

Pirate Cash, Dining Dollars and Bookstore Bucks roll forward from semester to semester, as long as you are an active Armstrong student or employee. The Pharos Cash account gets reset each semester allowing for 110 free prints in the computer labs across campus. Board Plans, Block Plans and Flex Funds all expire at the end of the semester they were purchased for. Please see the Housing Meal Plan web page for more information.