Strasbourg, France

Did you know that the builder of the Statue of Liberty was from Alsace, France? Did you know that there is a copy of the statue in Paris, facing the one in NYC? (Check out National Treasure 2!!) Did you know that most of the European institutions have their seat in Strasbourg, a conveniently located, pluricultural city in the heart of Europe, geographically and politically? If you are interested in learning more about Strasbourg and Paris, come along on this adventure-discovery of a very culturally diverse French region. You do NOT need to speak French to participate in this trip.

Courses Available

SABR 2960
FREN 3510
PUBH 7280
HSCP 4000

Dates: May June- July, 2014
Cost: $3,500 plus tuition for up to 6 credits

Director: Dr. Dorothee Mertz-Weigel
Phone: 344.2804
Office: Gamble Hall 131

Director: Dr. Leigh Rich
Phone: 344.2655
Office: Hawes Hall 208G

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