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Transient Student

You are considered to be a transient student if you are attending another college or university and would like to attend Armstrong for no more than two consecutive semesters. Applicants must submit the following items to be considered for admission to the university:

Transient Student Admission Checklist

  • Application
  • $25 Application Fee
  • Official Transient Letter or Official Letter of Good Standing from the institution requesting enrollment in specific courses (this letter will be used for advisement at Armstrong).
NOTE: An updated Transient Letter or Letter of Good Standing AND an updated application is required for each semester of attendance.

After You’re Accepted

  • Log in to the Port of Armstrong to get started. The Port is your gateway to most of the technology resources you will need as a student at Armstrong.
    • Find your Port ID and your Student ID (907#) using the Lookup ID link.
    • Sign in with your Port ID and PIN.  If you have never signed in to Port, your PIN is your date of birth in a 6-digit format – mmddyy. If you have previously signed in to Port or SHIP and do not remember your PIN, select “Forgot Password”, then click the link to reset your SHIP PIN. When you have the PIN, return to the Port of Armstrong login page and sign in.
    • Don’t forget to change your password using the link in the top right menu.
  • Check your Armstrong email. Your Armstrong email account will be our official means of communicating important information to you. 
  • Check to see if you have any Announcements. Announcements are tailored just for you, to help keep you informed about what you need to know or do at any particular time.
  • Submit your immunization records pdf
  • If you are a Georgia resident, submit your Proof of Lawful Presence pdf


  • After acceptance, transient students may register through their Port of Armstrong account after we have received all immunization records and Proof of Lawful Presence if required.

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