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Guidelines for Posters & Exhibits

The primary purpose of a poster/exhibit presentation is the communication of scholarly work and ideas to one’s colleagues and the community. The poster/exhibit session provides an opportunity for informal individual discussions based on the visual material at hand. Authors and viewers alike find this opportunity to exchange ideas highly rewarding. Abstracts for poster/exhibit presentations are to be included in the poster/exhibit. 

Preparation Guidelines

Poster elements should be mounted with an adhesive on freestanding poster board (i.e. trifold) no more than 4’ wide; either single panels of foam-core board or folding posters work well. The posters will be displayed on tables  (easels adjacent to the dining areas).
Some suggestions:
  • All visuals should fit into a space no wider than 48 inches (the typical width of a table)
  • Posters must be mounted on a typical trifold posterboard and should not exceed 36” x 48”.
  • Text and images should be visible from 5 feet away.