Faculty Lecture Series
Faculty Lecture Series

The Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture Series

The 2013-2014 Armstrong Atlantic State University Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture Series will kick off at noon on Friday, September 20 in the Student Union’s Ogeechee Theater on the Armstrong campus, 11935 Abercorn Street. The lecture series will continue throughout the academic year. All lectures begin at noon in the Ogeechee Theater and are free and open to the public.

Two Lives Inseparable:
Organ Donation and the End of Life

September 20, 2013Doug Masini, Respiratory Therapy

This presentation focuses on the children and the health professional immersed in the process of organ donation. The legal implications of a medical proxy and a child's living will are explained, along with the process of identifying ethical dilemmas faced by the organ donor and the recipient's family. Such sterile, legal processes occur at the intersection of two lives. We learn how, in a successful donor match, two individual lives become two inseparable lives.

Pervasive Vulnerabilities:
Sexual Harassment in Middle and High School

October 11, 2013Regina Rahimi, Secondary, Adult and Physical Education

This presentation will highlight research exploring the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of adolescent girls and boys as well as teachers in middle and high school, exposing the continued persistence of sexual harassment in school culture. This presentation will seek to address current school climate and the continued misogynistic and homophobic harassment that exists in many school settings. Additionally, a critical examination of school policy and the sexual education curriculum will be discussed.

Rifle Reports and the Warren Report:
Three Conspiracies in One?

November 22, 2013Dennis Murphy, Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science

This date marks the 50th anniversary of that dark day when John Kennedy was gunned down on the streets of Dallas. The police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald later that afternoon. Two days later, while surrounded by even more police, Oswald was himself gunned down. Newly sworn-in President Lyndon Johnson quickly appointed the Warren Commission to investigate the death of the president and surrounding circumstances. The Commission's report denied any conspiracy behind either death. But was the Warren Report itself nothing but a 26-volume conspiracy of silence on that critical issue?

Dousing the Fiery Woman:
The Diminishing of the Prophetess Deborah

January 24, 2014Daniel Skidmore-Hess, Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science and Cathy Skidmore-Hess, History, Georgia Southern University

The prophetess Deborah presents an exception to gender patterns in biblical narrative. Her appearance is limited to two chapters in the Book of Judges, yet she plans a remarkable set of roles: judge, military strategist, poetess, and prophetess. We trace the "diminishing" of Deborah, asking how such a remarkable figure could receive so little textual attention. We also describe a pattern of derogation of Deborah's significance in ancient and contemporary commentary. By focusing on Deborah's "diminishing" we gan critical purchase on how religious traditions have obscured female voices and the presence of feminine leadership.

Toward the Inclusive Curriculum:
Using Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Young Adult Literature to Teach Equity

February 21, 2014Julie Warner, Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Even though great strides toward multiculturalism have improved equality in school curriculums, curricular materials are still heteronormative (i.e., biased toward heterosexuality), which says to students that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people do not deserve attention. Young adult literature has broken the curricular silence around LGBT issues. It has the capacity to serve as a mirror (affirming the experiences of LGBT students) and a window (illuminating the hitherto unfamiliar LGBT experience for heterosexual students). In this lecture, Armstrong-sponsored research around the use of LGBT young adult literature materials in effort to improve school climate will be presented.

Trans-disciplinary Collaboration:
Enhancing Health Professions Competencies using a Theatrical Approach

March 28, 2014Laurie Adams, Radiologic Sciences, Janet R. Buelow, Health Sciences, and Pamela Z. Sears, Art, Music & Theatre

Trans-disciplinary education is becoming the gold standard in higher education. We will present the results of collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts and Health Professions from the perspectives of theatre, radiologic sciences, and health sciences. Experiences in the spring of 2013 that utilized student actors as patient models, both in a hospital and ambulatory care setting, will be shared. Qualitative and quantitative data in the areas of clinical performance, communication, and teamwork skills will be presented. Theatre student professional advancement opportunities and learning resulting from these experiences will be described.

The American Disease:
Assessing Barriers to Care and Community Supports for Somali Refugee Families with Autistic Children in Atlanta, Georgia

April 11, 2014Barbara Bruno, Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science, Nasra M. Mirreh, Refugee Family Assistance Program, and Christina Cook, Armstrong Alumnus

Research indicates a link between Somali refugee children and a disproportionate rate of autism. A Somali community based organization in Atlanta has identified 28 families with one or more children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There is a need to understand the cultural, linguistic, and systematic barriers that Somali refugee families with ASD diagnosed chidren face in accessing health and supportive services so that services and programs can be made more accessible for this population. This presentation provides results of research conducted in 2012 and 2013 with Somali mothers of ASD diagnosed children to better understand  access barriers, improve information flow on ASD to the Somali community, and develop strategies to alleviate identified barriers.

For additional information about the Faculty Lecture Series, please contact Alison Hatch at Alison.Hatch@armstrong.edu.


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