Armstrong golfer Kelsey Wheeler teaches an East Broad K-8 School student how to golf at the Teens for Literacy pep rally kick off.

“Teens for Literacy” Opens the Doors to Reading

On February 10 the Teens for Literacy program at East Broad K-8 School kicked things off with a pep rally dedicated to all things reading, and included representatives from Armstrong Atlantic State University, the Live Oaks Public Library system, E93 radio station and Savannah State University.

Teens for Literacy is a partnership between East Broad and Armstrong aimed at promoting literacy for inner city children. The program is funded through a grant received by Armstrong assistant professor Jaime Berry and instructor Allen Berger and empowers student leaders to strategize and develop novel ideas to inspire other students to read.

Students hula-hooped, jumped rope, made free throws and even golfed for literacy with golfer Kelsey Wheeler, a sophomore early childhood education major from Armstrong. A few lucky teachers even had a dance contest competing against their students.

Several members of the community attended the launch of the program. Professors Berry and Berger attended the rally, as well as several Armstrong volunteers. In addition, Christy Divine, foundation manager of Live Oaks Public Libraries, came with her counterpart and library mascot Twigs, and “Lil G” of E93 radio showed up with a DJ to spread some book love.

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