Infections That Changed the World, Faculty Lecture Series


  What: Infections That Changed the World, Faculty Lecture Series
  When: 12:10 p.m.
  Where: University Hall 156
  About: Join Associate Professor of Medical Technology, Hassan Aziz and the AASU community for our first faculty lecture series presentation in 2011.
Throughout history, infections have claimed the lives of millions, yet the impacts of such devastation are often overlooked. This lecture addresses the historical and scientific aspects of selected infections and how they have shaped our history and influenced today’s world. In particular, the research presented: incorporates historical and scientific knowledge to determine the impact of selected infections on civilization and the evolution of science and the humanities; describes the cause of each infection and its pathogenesis, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment; and applies experiences learned from past outbreaks to better prepare us for future occurrences.
February 2015
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