Smaller Projects Underway


Carpet Replacement in Ashmore Hall

Description:  Replaced worn carpet through-out Ashmore Hall
Completion Date:   February 2013
General Contractor:  Collins Construction Company


Ashmore Hall Windows Replacement

Description:  Renovations to replace existing exterior windows on Ashmore Hall
Anticipated Completion Date: February 2013
General Contractor:  McInerney & Associates, Inc.
Project Architect: Ramsay Sherrill Architects


Porcelain Tile Replacement in University Hall

Description:  Replaced Worn or Broken Porcelain Tile in the Univerisity Hall Atrium
Completion Date: February 2013
General Contractor:  Dan J. Sheehan Company


Science Center/Fine Arts Interior Renovations

Description:  Renovations to the Fine Arts Gallery and Science Center Common Areas
Completion Date: January 2013
General Contractor:  Pioneer Construction Company
Project Architect: Lott Barber Architects

Campuswide Interior Repairs

Description: Repairs to Walls to include Finish Repair and Painting, Exterior Doors Painted, Mechanical Room Doors Replaced
Completion date: February 2013
General Contractor: Pioneer Construction

Pressure Wash Campus Buildings Exterior

Description:  Pressure Wash the exterior of all campus buidings
Completion Date:  February 2013
General Contractor:  SupremeClean, Inc.