Charting Excellence Together
Armstrong's Strategic Plan

As Armstrong State University ushered in its 75th year, we reaffirmed what we’ve always stood for: Our commitment to being a teaching-first university, our strong ties to Savannah, our sound professional preparation, and our liberal arts core that prepares graduates not just for careers, but for thoughtful, civically engaged lives.

We also reflected upon and celebrated the changes we’ve engineered throughout those 75 years, culminating recently in several milestones: our largest freshman class ever, a growing, re-envisioned residential campus, and reinvigorated programs that address the state and region’s emerging needs and challenges. What was once Savannah’s respected junior college now serves as coastal Georgia’s comprehensive university preparing students for careers in medicine, law, business, public service, education, social sciences, the arts, sciences and engineering.At this reflection point, we looked to our strong foundation, our record of service to our students, the city, and the state—and also to our future. We asked ourselves, What should Armstrong become in the next five, ten, twenty years? Our answers lie in the plan that follows.

This new Strategic Plan serves as the lens through which faculty and staff members, administrators, and students can view their roles, responsibilities, interactions, and performance. Most importantly, we place the focus of this strategic plan on Armstrong’s unwavering commitment to student success. From 1935 through the present our focus has not strayed from that initial commitment. And that must remain our purpose, as we seek to fulfill it today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

Our Mission

Armstrong is teaching-centered and student-focused, providing diverse learning experiences and professional programs grounded in the liberal arts.

Our Vision

Armstrong strives to be an academically selective institution of first choice, recognized nationally for undergraduate, graduate, and professional education.

Our Values

Armstrong embraces these core values:

  • We value education that is student–focused, transformative, experiential and rigorous, leading to student success.
  • We value balance among teaching, mentoring, and scholarship.
  • We value an environment of mutual trust and collegiality that builds an inclusive community.
  • We value transparency that fosters shared governance.
  • We value and respect diversity.
  • We value ethical behavior and accountability that support high standards of performance.
  • We value civic engagement through outreach and service.
  • We value our relationship with Savannah, its unique geographic location, rich history, and abundant opportunities.

Strategic Goal 1

Armstrong will impart the skills and habits of mind to motivated students that help them realize their potential as productive citizens of the world.

Armstrong will foster student success.

Armstrong graduates have demonstrated a distinguished record of achievement and service to the city of Savannah, the state, and the nation. This new strategic plan will strengthen Armstrong’s efforts to attract and retain dedicated, hard-working, and professionally striving students who will sustain this record of achievement and service.

Strategic Goal 2

Armstrong will build upon and strengthen its foundational commitment to teaching, ensuring that transformative student learning occurs inside and outside the classroom.

Armstrong’s history of academic excellence rests upon superior teaching.  The strategic plan reinforces the continued expectation of high-quality learning experiences underscored by diverse learning environments.

Strategic Goal 3

Armstrong will enhance existing campus technologies, expanding both its technological capabilities and reach, to meet current and emerging needs.

Armstrong is keenly aware of the rapid changes in technological innovation that impact higher education. The university must or will assess the needs of faculty, staff, students, and other constituents in order to systematically develop plans to secure, deploy, and maintain appropriate technologies campus-wide.  

Strategic Goal 4

Armstrong will strengthen its financial base, diversify university resources, and wisely invest in initiatives in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

Armstrong faces strong competition for limited resources. The university will identify and secure diverse but reliable sources of revenue in order to meet its obligations while fueling future development.

Strategic Goal 5

Armstrong will increase its visibility across the state and region by transforming its most compelling strengths, values, and offerings into resonant messaging that inspires loyalty among internal stakeholders and alumni and builds lasting relationships with the local community.

Armstrong must have a clearly defined image and increased visibility to attract students, faculty, staff, donors, and community partners. With strong, targeted marketing and public relations plans, Armstrong can position and differentiate itself to achieve its vision.


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